Reviews & Comments

From our fans:

“Duck Soup is to Folk as Pop-Punk is to Rock!” – Alex

“It’s the sound of fairgrounds, black & white music-hall footage and acid trips while drinking scrumpy.” – Jasper

“Delightfully quirky! Cornish fishermen meet some cowboys in Tyrol to reminisce about the Andes.” – Kris

From the press:

“★★★★ – worth checking out” – Robin Denselow, the Guardian (and that’s 4 out of 5 stars, not out of 10!)

“If that doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart, I don’t know what will” – Mike Harding, the Mike Harding Folk Show

“Oh yes! It’s a little difficult to know where to start with [Duck Soup] – there’s so much to enjoy… splendid.” – Rod Stradling, Musical Traditions internet magazine

“If anything can please granny, delight the neighbours, get the postman whistling and shut up the quiz teams in the local boozer, then [Open On Sundays], surely, is that album.” – Colin Irwin, fRoots

“In many ways [Duck Soup] capture the essence of traditional music far more successfully than many established folk acts, while at the same time managing to be supremely amusing and entertaining.” – Niel Brookes, English Dance & Song

“This is a trio of supremely talented and imaginative musicians. The tunes are amusing, playful, sometimes weird but always danceable. The songs all get their story across. It is a wonderfully witty and entertaining collection.” – Yorkie Bartram, Shreds and Patches

“When thinking about the essence of English traditional music, the combination of marimba, 12-string dobro and melodeon doesn’t immediately spring to mind. Yet somehow Adam Bushell, Ian Kearey and Dan Quinn have managed to create a sound to convey just that.” – Sue Swift, English Dance & Song